About Us

We advocate hospitality businesses to build a strong and independent brand, rather than relying on 3rd party brands to bring revenues that are prone to constant changes. So, take control! Businesses with independent brands can build a predictable and sustainable business.

What do we value

We believe we should continuously evolve to offer increasingly better products and services to our customers, so we work closely with our customers and make their priorities the cornerstone of our plans to make our platform more feature rich! We believe in a better proposition that meets the eye in the highly competitive hospitality industry. The importance of differentiation that our customers can demonstrate in their market place is well understood, so we constantly look for opportunities to help our customers stand out from the crowd. Our integrated products and services is delivering great results because of the great team work of our Technology, Sales & Marketing team as well as our customers, and partners.

Who are we

VayUp’s mission is to offer an easy-to-deploy hotel management software products and services to solve the long-standing frustrations of property owners and managers. We have dedicated ourselves to build core solutions and services to extend the reach of hospitality businesses and smooth the transaction between the hospitality businesses and their guests. VayUp is a global organization headquartered in India. Our integrated products and services are the result of the successful collaboration of Cloud specialists, Brand Stewards, Marketing gurus and hospitality industry professionals. Our dedicated team of industry professionals provide hotel owners, resort managers and vacation rental businesses with solutions and services that ensures more revenue opportunities, increased profits, smoother operations and delighted guests.

Do you want to increase revenues by 20-40% and increase occupancy to 60-80%?

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Why should you choose us?

Hospitality business is ever changing, with that in mind we have designed our products and services to suit your business needs, smart branding, online marketing, multi-channel sales, simplified operations to bring you more customers & revenues

Wide experience

VayUp’s leadership team has over 100+ years of cumulative experience in Hospitality, Sales, Marketing & Technology. Our growing team constantly seeks out to people with wide range of skills that we seek to employ for the benefit of our customers.

Deep expertise

Customer focus is the key, our deep expertise in variety of functional areas be it be Technology, Brand, Sales, Marketing, Hospitality is leveraged to roll out distinct products and services offerings that brings enhanced value to our customers.

Custom Strategy

Every customer is unique, their business model, environment and factors that influence their business is different. With that in mind, we build a custom strategy for each of our customer to build on top of what’s being leveraged already.

Fast & Responsive

Business climate is rapidly evolving, so should your business strategy. At VayUp, we will constantly seek out opinions, watch market development and follow guests’ preferences to fine tune our strategy so it offers the best ROI for your investments.